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Hi) smart video doorbell

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Fenotek presents Hi), your home’s eye. Hi) a smart video doorbell that allows you to stay connected to your house from anywhere with just a smartphone or tablet.

Up to four family members can be connected to Hi), the smart video doorbell.

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Fenotek presents Hi), your home’s eye. Hi) is a  video doorbell designed to welcome your guests and protect your home.

  • Hi) is the state of the art smart video doorbell connected to the internet. It rings on your smartphone so that you can see and speak to your visitor wherever you are in the world. You will never worry about missing an important delivery anymore because with Hi) you are always home. 
  • If Hi) is connected to an electric lock you can even open the door from your smartphone and greet your guests without being home.
  • Hi) recognizes family members and can notify you when the children are back from school or open the garage door when your car is approaching the house.
  • Hi) looks after your home while you are away. It will send you a mobile notification as soon as it detects activity in front of your doorway. The monitoring function enables you to remotely access the camera and trigger the alarm of the device if necessary.
  • Hi) is loaded with exciting new features designed to make your busy lifestyle safe and secure by keeping you connected to your home while you are away. 

Hi) is very easy to install, it can replace an existing doorbell or intercom. 

For more information, you can visit our homepage : http://fenotek.com/?lang=en